Azure Workshop

A custom program to teach you the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure cloud platform and beyond!
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Workshop Overview

This personalized program will teach you the fundamentals of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, the infrastructure services which comprise Azure and how to develop and deploy applications on this wonderful platform through a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. By the end of the course, you and your team will have enough hands-on experience with Azure to be able to create and deploy your own scalable infrastructure.

Takeaways from Workshop

  • Understand the fundamentals of the cloud computing platform Azure
  • Understand the architecture and services provided by the Azure cloud platform
  • Get hands-on training with the key services provided by Azure so as to be able to deploy and manage infrastructure and apps in the cloud
  • Understand, compare, and decide what kind of storage to use with Azure
  • Learn the basics of securing workloads and data in Azure

Pre-requisites for Workshop

To benefit from this Microsoft Azure course, you should have basic Windows Server and SQL Server administration experience.

Delivery Method

This is a hands-on course and you will work on exercises and labs which are designed to familiarize you with managing cloud applications for running on the Azure platform.

Sample Workshop Agenda

Setting An Effective Cloud Strategy

  • General principles and guidelines for maximizing value without sacrificing control or security

Introduction to the Azure

  • Budgeting for Azure
  • Basic Features of Azure
    • 3 ways to deploy and manage
  • Hands-on Lab: The Azure Portal
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating a VM on the Azure Portal
  • Azure Resource Manager
    • Hands-on Lab: Understanding ARM Templates

Understanding Security in Azure

  • Log Analytics
    • Hands-on Lab: Azure Security Center
  • Network Security Groups
  • Hands-on Lab: Configure Your Network for Secruity

Identity in Azure

  • Understanding Azure Active Directory
    • Identity for Employees, Contractors, and Customers
  • Hands-on Lab: Identity Services with Active Directory

Business Continuity in Azure

  • Backup vs. Site Recovery
    • Hands-on Lab: Protect your cloud resource with Azure Backup and Site Recovery

SQL on Azure

  • SQL laaS
  • SQL PaaS
  • Hands-on Lab: SQL DB Deployment

Dev and Test on Azure

  • Introduction to Azure DevTest Labs
  • Example Architecture
  • Hands-on Lab: Developing .NET on Azure

Desktops in Azure

  • VDI vs DaaS

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