Efficient deployment of Cybersecurity

Today’s businesses are coming to terms with the growing requirement to maintain higher levels of cybersecurity in order to combat increasingly complex threats. For many executives and managers, it is clear that the invaluable data at the core of their businesses must be protected. However, the methods to efficiently deploy adequate levels of cybersecurity are not [...]

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Managing Today’s Cybersecurity Demands

News-breaking hacks occurred in rapid fire in 2017, with invasions ranging from global data breaches to ransom campaigns. As we continue through 2018, managers are forced to contend with protecting their infrastructures from broader security risks, and can no longer focus on specific attack techniques. The proliferation of the Internet of Things will put at risk [...]

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Are Managed IT Security Services Right for Your Business?

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace in headline news. Security threats target the entire spectrum of organizations, from legal and financial firms to eCommerce operations, and are becoming more hostile and frequent. Savvy corporations are amping up cyber-security measures and evaluating how best to detect threats early, resist attacks, and react quickly when a threat has occurred. [...]

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Hybrid Cloud Heavyweights: Azure Stack vs. VMware Cloud on AWS

It’s no secret that adoption of the hybrid cloud model is on the rise. This has led to significant competition among vendors to offer customers simplified solutions to help them achieve their hybrid cloud goals, two of which are Microsoft’s Azure Stack and VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). There are some significant differences between [...]

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SD-WAN: Goliath vs. Goliath

Software-defined resources are hot topic in the age of the cloud. Everyone is vying for networking resources that can swiftly be scaled up or down, and software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is no different. The ability to manage your WAN via software offers numerous benefits, including affordability, streamlined deployments and centralized management. The battle to lead in [...]

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Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) Market to Exceed $71 billion by 2021

Technology research firm Gartner forecasts over 29% IaaS annual growth through 2021, hitting a whopping $71 billion. Over the next decade, IaaS is predicted to surpass software-as-a-services (SaaS) to become the second largest segment of the cloud industry. What is driving this exponential growth in the cloud infrastructure market? Digital transformation projects have fueled the adoption [...]

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Yes, GDPR Applies to You

You’ve probably seen the headlines about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legislation which will dramatically transform the way companies manage their data and security policies. And it all hits this May 25. Of course, it’s easy to assume that these regulations apply to only EU-based companies or perhaps global corporations with an EU reach. [...]

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Is It Time to SD Your WAN?

We frequently get asked by clients, “Should I go MPLS or SD-WAN?” For cloud or hybrid cloud environments, our response to this question is nearly always, “Well, it depends.”  Without a doubt, we’re in the camp of SD WAN technology for most non-critical, non-real time applications—sharing files and email—for hybrid cloud environments. For these use cases, [...]

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Why You Need Telecom Expense Management Services

The desire to track expenses, lower costs and optimize your budget is common across many organizations. But telecom usage and spend can be far more wieldy and complex than what companies are used to tracking. Telecom expense management services (TEM) takes more effort than simply tracking dollars; doing it right requires a company’s usage of voice, data [...]

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Why Businesses Are Putting Their Call Centers in the Cloud (Contact Center as a Service)

Companies today must work harder than ever to keep their customers. Today’s customers have high expectations and a range of alternative choices. They want to communicate in a way that is comfortable and natural to them—whether it be email, chat or even SMS. And they expect a flawless experience every time. Should they feel dissatisfied, experience [...]

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