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Managed Colocation

How do you define your cloud strategy? Public first? Private first? What about Hybrid Cloud?

According to the SolarWinds 2017 Trends Report, just 9% of businesses have not migrated any of their organization’s infrastructure to the cloud. While 92% of businesses say that adopting cloud technologies is important their organization’s long-term success, 60% say it’s unlikely that all of their infrastructure will ever be migrated to the cloud.

The right datacenter platform is critical to a hybrid cloud strategy.

Our customers are faced with a dual mandate – increase efficiency by leveraging cloud technologies while simultaneously improving the stability and security of applications and data. With a trusted partner like iT1, you can extend the use of legacy systems while creating the foundational elements for next generation Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service delivery.

Future-proof your hybrid cloud

Ease your transition into the cloud from a business and a technical perspective, improve innovation at your network’s edge, and save money on public cloud usage costs. Trust iT1 to future-proof your hybrid cloud strategy by finding the perfect datacenter and connectivity platforms for your business.

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