SaaS and Disaster Recovery

By the end of 2018, more than 60% of all cloud workloads will be delivered in a SaaS model.

Sometimes you need software to address a business challenge right away, while you may find there are fewer and fewer reasons for you to manage the underlying infrastructure of your applications. This is why Software-as-a-Service is growing nearly five times faster than traditional enterprise software.

Don’t sacrifice the portability and flexibility of your data and applications

Turn-key solutions are appealing – deployed quickly, managed by someone else, and have few hidden costs. However, sprawl can happen in the cloud even faster than in traditional datacenters. Even worse, with the proprietary clouds these solutions use to deliver their services, you could be sacrificing the portability and flexibility of your data and applications.

Make the right decisions

At iT1, we’re all about helping you make Directionally Correct Decisions. That means taking into account all of your objectives, your concerns, and your plans for the future, and helping you find solutions that solve your problems today without creating headaches in the future.

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