Solutions to Support Students’ Learning and Growth.

Institutions across the education sector are quickly adopting new technological solutions to foster students’ learning and growth. From kindergarten classrooms to university lecture halls, pupils of all ages can benefit from new hardware and software that can introduce exciting capabilities for education.

When it comes to supporting these needs, iT1 Source has all the solutions every school needs to ensure that students are prepared for the world beyond the classroom.

The current ed-tech market

Right now, the market for technology specifically geared for educational institutions is booming.

  • American public schools now average one computer for every five students, according to Education Week.
  • Institutions in the U.S. currently spend over $3 billion on digital content to support learning.
  • Overall, education technology represents a more than $8 billion per year market, and this sector is only growing.

1-to-1 Computing: Connectivity for all

One of the biggest initiatives sweeping this sector is the push toward 1-to-1 computing, where each and every student is armed with his or her own laptop or tablet. In this way, students are better equipped to take advantage of the range of online learning materials, including those their schools have specifically provided.

With nearly 90 million students currently enrolled in full-time or part-time education pursuits, a computer in every hand is a lofty goal. What’s more, in order for these devices to work and provide the intended advantages, schools need robust network connectivity. However, larger parts of institutions’ IT budgets are now being dedicated to devices and connectivity – last year, 46 percent of schools’ technology budget was allocated for hardware including network components and computers.

Video conferencing opens doors to new worlds

Just one of the ways schools are harnessing the power of technology is with video conferencing. Now, more schools than ever are deploying UC solutions that enable students to see the world without leaving the safety of the classroom.

UC is also being leveraged for emergency preparedness. According to Motorola, 85 percent of educators use their UC system to communicate with staff both in and outside of the district. In addition, 93 percent said communicating with law enforcement and other emergency personnel would be a good use of these resources.

Supporting different learning styles

Technology has also been used to more easily connect with students of different learning styles. For instance, visual learners tend to appreciate streaming videos and other images, auditory learners seek out recordings or video tutorials and kinesthetic learners like games and project-based initiatives. Technology including mobile devices, educational software and the necessary connectivity can help teachers connect with students of all learning styles during the same lesson.

iT1 Source: Your one-stop shop for ed-tech

Today’s educational institutions need a range of different solutions to support students and stay ahead of the curve. Thankfully, obtaining all of these systems and technologies isn’t as difficult as educators might think. iT1 Source has prime partnerships with the biggest leaders in the ed-tech space offering top-notch network connectivity, collaboration and unified communication solutions, including:

  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • HP Inc.
  • And many more

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