Heightened IT spending supports technology demands.

While advancements are made nearly every day in the health care and life sciences industry, it has historically been difficult to take advantage of these trends while also remaining within the company budget. Now, though, solution providers like iT1 Source are working to not only make innovative technologies more affordable for health care providers and life science researchers, but ensure the beneficial value for these companies as well.

More financial resources to devote to IT

According to the most recent industry research, the health care sector will see considerable growth in IT spending. An IDC study showed that 40 percent of all health care professionals plan to grow their IT spend in the coming months and years. This means there will be more financial resources to allocate toward advanced technologies that can streamline work, improve research and enhance patient care.

An explosion of health data

One of the biggest trends in this industry currently is capitalizing on the big data created by wearable health devices and other advanced systems. Wearable monitoring devices have opened up new possibilities for health care providers and researchers alike, offering an in-depth look into a patient’s activity, fitness and health metrics.

Patient-centered care

Health care workers are also making efforts to make care more comfortable and convenient for patients. In addition to monitoring their activity outside of the office, new technologies like video conferencing have made it possible for doctors and specialists to connect with patients around the globe. In this way, if illness or a specific condition make travel difficult for a patient, he or she can still have access to the information and treatment needed.

Robust solutions required

In order to capitalize on these trends and better assist their patients, professionals in this industry need robust technological solutions:

  • Data storage and management is needed to help support the flood of information coming in from wearable devices and other advanced systems. With a robust data storage and management solution in place, researchers and practitioners can track historical trends and analyze data for critically important insights. This helps inform current treatments and assists in the development of new types of care.
  • Unified communications are also required to support more patient-focused care. Video conferencing has really taken off in this industry, and not only allows doctors to connect with patients, but enables industry professionals to connect and collaborate with their peers as well.

iT1 Source can provide solutions to address all of these critical needs, and more. Best of all, these advanced technologies come from our premium partners, some of the biggest names in the technology industry. This ensures that your firm always has access to the most innovative, valuable solutions.

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