IT Strategies to Streamline and Empower Business.

Supporting customers’ digital preferences

Retailers and hospitality providers have their work cut out for them when it comes to their current IT needs. With a large shift toward online platforms, these companies must ensure that consumer needs for digital interactions with the brand are met. Luckily, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds when industry-leading solutions from iT1 Source are introduced.

Increase in spending: Priorities emerge

Studies show that the hospitality and retail industries will have larger budgets this year and into the future. Gartner found that worldwide IT spending in the retail sector will grow by 2.3 percent, reaching $182 billion in 2016. Growth will continue into the near future, with experts forecasting a 4 percent increase in IT spending through 2020.

Smart networks to support smart devices

One of the biggest priorities emerging in this sector is the use of smart appliances and devices included in the Internet of Things. Hotels are enabling guests to leverage their smartphones to adjust room temperature and lighting, and order room service or movies.

Retailers are also experimenting with beacons in their brick-and-mortar locations to provide the best experience possible for shoppers. Beacon technology will become a $40 billion industry by the end of 2016. These systems allow brands to send customized messages to customers depending on their location within the store.

Free Wi-Fi required

While robust network connectivity is required for nearly every business today, the hospitality industry is one area where access to the internet is absolutely paramount for customers. One study found that of all the amenities hotel chains can offer, free Wi-Fi was the most important for client satisfaction.

iT1 Source: Addressing needs for shoppers and travelers

When it comes to providing for the needs of hotel and retail customers, iT1 Source has everything your company needs to be successful in the marketplace.

We offer the very best in network and connectivity solutions, ensuring you can support IoT systems, beacon technology and provide Wi-Fi for your customers.

In addition, our industry-leading data storage and management, virtualization and unified communications solutions enables your business to remain on the cutting edge of the marketplace.

To find out more about how a partnership with iT1 Source can benefit your retail or hospitality company, contact us today.

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