Robust technologies for a fast-paced industry.

The oil and gas sector is one of the most quickly changing industries today. Companies deal with rapidly fluctuating demand cycles, which have quite the impact on the price of barrels, as well as overall revenues. In addition, emerging technology trends require investments and support, which many companies are looking to initiate to maintain a competitive place in the market.

Strong growth despite recent declines

In the previous months, the industry has faced sharp declines in the price per barrel, where the majority of companies experienced a 50 percent – or larger – drop in revenues in 2015.

Thankfully, market experts are forecasting strong growth for the coming months, with demands and prices rising, creating a leaner, stronger industry.

Data to support automation

Oil and gas firms are now deploying new technological solutions to maintain pace in this oscillating market, including automation to reduce manual processes and streamline work procedures. In order to support these initiatives, though, companies require data storage and management solutions, particularly if decision-makers want to analyze the information created by these automated systems for further insights and potential improvements.

Network support for clear communication

Advanced communication solutions are also required to establish a successful company in this industry. As many oil and gas firms work offshore – but need to maintain relationships with partners, investors and customers – unified communications including VoIP calling and video conferencing is a powerful capability to have. These solutions also require top-notch network connectivity to support their functionality.

iT1 Source: A one-stop shop

Thankfully, oil and gas firms don’t need multiple solution providers to address these critical needs. iT1 Source has premium partnerships with a range of best-of-breed solution providers, enabling gas and oil companies to leverage the most optimal combination of systems.

From data storage and management to support automation, as well as unified communications and network and connectivity systems, oil and gas firms need look no further than iT1 for their most essential IT needs. And with additional solutions for virtualization, professional services and procurement and logistics, your oil and gas company will be positioned for success now, and into the future.

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