Today’s Utility Industry: Supporting emerging technology and increasing customer expectations.

Utility providers today have very specialized needs, particularly when it comes to their technological assets. The emerging technologies, increasing customer demands and boosted service expectations of the current utility industry are causing challenges for services providers. Thankfully, iT1 Source is here to help with the exact solutions your company requires.

The current industry

Looking at the electric utility sector as an example, there are currently more than 2,000 publicly owned utility providers in the industry today. Investor-owned utilities and cooperatives make up 5.7 percent and 26.5 percent of the industry, respectively. Overall, these providers offer nearly 3 billion MWHs of full-service sales to America’s 1.3 billion households and 30 million businesses each year.

Robust, secure infrastructure needed

As the Internet of Things and other technologies change the landscape of the utility industry, providers here must have a strong, protected infrastructure in place to capitalize on these emerging systems.

Delivering for customer needs

As business and consumer clients seek to leverage utility-dependent technologies and appliances, this puts increasing pressure on providers to support these needs.

However, it’s not just service delivery that clients are focused on – customer service is now more important than ever. This requires utility providers to take a multi-faceted approach, allowing customers to contact them via phone, chat, email or other platforms that match their preferences.

Staying within budget

As providers seek to leverage new technologies, they must ensure they keep an eye on the bottom line. While IDC’s Energy Insights report notes that IT budgets in the utility sector are modestly rising, decision-makers must ensure that resources are allocated in the most cost-effective way to support customer needs and robust service delivery.

iT1 Source: An industry-leading partner

Today’s utility providers need strong network connectivity alongside robust unified communications solutions to ensure that their organization can provide for current and future customer needs. In addition, it’s important to have a partner that can help ensure smooth procurement and logistics processes.

iT1 Source is an ideal partner for today’s utility providers, and can address all of these needs and more. We’ve partnered with the very best technology companies, including Cisco, VMware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. This enables us to offer all best-of-breed systems and services to address all of your company’s unique needs.

When it comes to supporting customers and taking advantage of the newest technologies, iT1 Source can help your utility succeed. Contact one of our expert agents today to find out more.

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