Dell EMC Cloud for
Microsoft Azure Stack

Modernize and innovate in today’s always available, always on digital world with an engineered hybrid cloud platform to provide a fast and simple path to Microsoft Azure Stack.

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What is the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack?

Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is an on-premises hybrid cloud platform for delivering infrastructure and platform-as-a-service with a consistent Azure experience on-premises or in the public cloud.


Modernize your business with automated IT service delivery for all Microsoft Azure Stack apps.


Innovate with cloud-native apps to digitally transform your business.


Accelerate Microsoft Azure Stack adoption with confidence.

Webhooks vs API’s in a Serverless Environment

Communication is a key driver in the digital era. To facilitate communication speed, we must find the most efficient methods for technologies to talk to each other. To date, developers have relied on API’s and webhooks to relay data between two applications. These two techniques communicate in different ways, and for slightly different purposes. Put simply, an API performs tasks when asked to do so, while a Webhook performs tasks independently based on when pre-established criteria are met or when a specified scenario occurs.

Azure Stack vs VMWare

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