HP and Cisco crowned leaders in the cloud infrastructure equipment market

Currently, there's no denying the power of the cloud. The ability to store a nearly unlimited amount of data, applications and other assets in an off-premises environment comes with considerable benefits; chief among these advantages is cost savings, improved flexibility and increased accessibility for the entire workforce. Cloud market: Current conditions In fact, cloud infrastructure will only [...]

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iT1 Source | Proud owners of our very own… Cisco Xperience Kit – BE6K

Scottsdale-based iT1 Source are the proud owners of our very own Cisco Xperience Kit - BE6K!!! In a sales environment it is sometimes difficult for our clients (and prospective clients) to get the complete experience of our solution offerings from simply reading a brochure, etc... As a Cisco Premier Partner, holding the Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization, [...]

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Cisco sees growth despite shrinking enterprise telephony market

It's hard to argue against the benefits of the cloud. Moving certain systems off-premises to a virtual environment can not only help reduce capital expenditures, but such a move can make critical resources more available for employees as well. In recent years, an increasing amount of businesses have been making the switch to cloud-based solutions. This [...]

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Why government agencies need robust unified communications

Unified communication solutions come with considerable benefits, and have been increasingly utilized by enterprises for a number of years. Government agencies, on the other hand, have been historically hesitant when it comes to new technology, including UC. Now, however, government agencies on the local, state and federal levels are more often adopting UC solutions due to [...]

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