Star Wars’ cultural impact: How the Force is inspiring Microsoft and HP

As fans the world over prepare for the release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," one thing is clear: The film is having quite the impact, not just in the consumer sector, but in the enterprise and technology industries as well. A number of organizations are leveraging the film's popularity to further their own brand initiatives. Fast [...]

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HP and Cisco crowned leaders in the cloud infrastructure equipment market

Currently, there's no denying the power of the cloud. The ability to store a nearly unlimited amount of data, applications and other assets in an off-premises environment comes with considerable benefits; chief among these advantages is cost savings, improved flexibility and increased accessibility for the entire workforce. Cloud market: Current conditions In fact, cloud infrastructure will only [...]

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Converged solutions: What are they and what benefits do they bring?

In recent years, converged solutions have become a topic of rising prominence within the IT world. However, many decision-makers are still unsure about what it means to have converged systems and what advantages this strategy brings. Convergence: A definition According to TechTarget, through the IT lens, convergence refers to the combination of two or more formerly [...]

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A picture is a worth a thousand words: HPE/Aruba is the visionary leader in the 2015 Gartner MQ for Wired and WLAN Access Infrastructure

2015 will be a historic year for HP Networking and Aruba. Earlier this year, HP acquired Aruba Networks for its strong portfolio in mobility to complement HP’s strong wired portfolio. We delivered a very strong 3rd quarter with 28.6% Y/Y growth and record revenues in the Americas. And now for the first time in history, we [...]

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